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Carol has collected and created beautiful images throughout her life. As part of that process, she has developed the art of writing concise poems that have power, innocence, and a subtle rhythm. She has resided in several states and spent her professional life in human service and quality assurance positions. She has written and published eight books, including a novella in the magical realism genre. She loves nature, science, and all things that transcend the commonplace.

Throughout his life, Gary has ventured into a number of musical styles, including folk-rock, avant-garde performance in the style of Laurie Anderson, new-age electronic music, even writing pieces for string quartet and woodwind trio. In recent years, Gary has returned to his folk music and singer/songwriter roots. Gary writes music that stays close to the folk tradition yet also reveals other influences. In performance, Gary sings and plays twelve-string and 6-string acoustic guitars; at times he may play an electric guitar or a long-neck banjo. His song list includes original songs, traditional music, songs by some contemporary folk musicians, and the occasional 60's rock cover song. His songs explore social issues, but focus on the need for hope and action while keeping a positive focus. Gary also does special educational presentations that combine music and history.

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